Bathroom Upsets.


Roo was a little upset with me this morning as I extracted her from the bath with her sisters. I don't think she understood that it was for her own good.

They all thought that she was hilarious dunking her own face in the water over and over and over. I decided that it needed to stop when she took one breath in on the way down filling her airway with water. She then had an atrocious coughing fit and screamed with frustrations as I scooped her up and into the ducky towel. Arching her back and flailing her arms, my third child is determined to express herself completely without saying a word.

After church yesterday Blondes locked us all out of that same bathroom. Before bed we needed to retrieve the toothbrushes and with all attempts of gracefully getting the door open we decided to take drastic measures and kick it in.

I'm sure you'd like to see a video of that.

Well, you see, I'm always thinking of you.

Easy said to me, lets just kick it in.

I said, "Let me get the camera!"

The door is cheaper than a locksmith, the knob had no screws or ways of detaching the handle, no key or screwdriver would fit to pick it, and we tried carding it and fiddling with it enough to leave us both with no other idea then to bust through it.

Sure, kicking it in may not have been the most responsible way of getting in, but it got the job done. The girls teeth were brushed, stories were read, kisses were given and all was well.


Candy said...

hahahaha. that was rad.

Spring said...

Love it. Brynn locked us out of our closet shortly after we moved in. There is attic access in that closet and the garage, so Aaron could have crawled through the nasty attic to get in there, but we opted for the kick-in, too. I think he just wanted to feel like James Bond or something!

banananutmeg said...

I was really hoping that this would be dubbed over with "let's get ready to rummmmmmble!!!!".

We would have said, screw it for toothbrushing, so you easily win for being better parents.

We have those cheap doorknobs with no screws, too. I'm slowly going through the house and replacing them all, but it takes forever, because removing the old ones is such a joke.

Lori said...

So funny. We just sawed ours off when my crazy neighbor locked us out of our bathroom. Oh well.

Amie said...

That was highly entertaining! :)

Rachel said...

love it.

Alisha said...


Christen said...

Did Eric feel like a rock-star...that was awesome! First try too :)

Jord said...

Stink for the locked door, but awesome kick video! That should be on you tube for sure.

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