5 weeks.


Our Rose Bud is 5 weeks.

She has expressive eyebrows and perfect lips.


Look Who's Coming!

Grandma Roxy and Mae, Aug 2011

Two things that my mom absolutly loves = grand-kids and Christmas

I'm feeling a tad bit spoiled this year because her and my dad are coming to Arkansas to spend Christmas with our little family.

We are soooo excited to have them and are planning all the fun things we want to do:

Ice skating
Seeing the lights
Getting our BBQ on Arkie style
Checking out Monte Ne and visiting the lake
Eating goodies
Crystal Bridges
Heading up to MO
Loading my freezer with meals for when I go back to work (boo!)
and lots of little girl/baby snuggling

Thursday can't some soon enough!!!


Staying In

Today I was very brave.

After picking up Blondes from school I ventured to Target with all four chickies in tow.

I prepped the older girls and reminded them about staying near me and being helpers. I reminded them that we were only going to exchange an item and get small gifts for their teachers. I knew that we wouldn't be able to handle much more than that.

It ended up being fine - other than Roo absolutly refusing to let me put Rosie's car seat in "her spot." We made it out in 30min with gifts, very little whining, a baby still fast asleep, and no tears.

A Christmas Miracle!

I'm really fine with chilling at home these days though. Christmas music, cinnamon candles, advent pockets to open, stockings hung, treats and fresh oranges on the counter, nativities around, packages arriving at the door, and a twinkling tree make home a magical place these days:


IMG_0813 IMG_0819


IMG_0047 IMG_0817

Plus being home means we get to do things like make wish lists.

IMG_0782 IMG_0793 IMG_0806

ps. Christmas cards will be out this week. Yay! They turned out so good considering we did the pictures ourselves self-timer style. I miss you April and Mandy!!!





We tried to take some family pictures this morning.


Just keepin it real, folks.



IMG_0375 IMG_0368

Yesterday, amongst the previously mentioned chaos we made Caramel Popcorn. It is not healthy at all, but is yummy and absolutly addicting. Roo and I have almost consumed the leftovers, which is really going to upset the older girls when they are home from school.


I have been spit up on twice and pooped on once. Awesome, huh? I've also been getting to know my new friend: Canon 60D. So far I love him.

Picture 3

And we are listening to A LOT of Christmas music. This song by Leona Naess was particularly charming when it popped on today.

Diapers to change. Hays out.




We are all getting pretty adjusted to having a family of 6. Roo as expected, has probably endured the most change. She has had to grow up a little and be a big girl. Poor thing.

I have been putting her on the potty more and more and she has had to walk places instead of being packed around on my hip. I think she is doing fine other than having picked up some bad habits: pinching, pulling hair, swatting, and hitting. Just to name a few.

There are times when I feel like I can't take it. They all need something. Rosie needs nursing or changing, Roo is coloring on the walls, Mae wants "mommy time," and Blondes wants me to read with her. This is when the breathing and relaxation techniques practiced for labor really start to come in handy as I pray for Easy to come through the front door and rescue me. He often tells me how cute they are that it "makes him sick." Some days I agree. Some days I look at him saying that and it makes me sick because I've broke up too many fights, forced down too much food, wiped too many butts, and cleaned up too many messes up.

I know what you are thinking. In a few years I will miss it.

I know I will. I will miss this chaos.

The little hands and bodies climbing all over me. The tender moments of cuddling before bed and the times laughing, playing, creating, celebrating, holding.

I just don't miss it yet.



Winter Gifts


This morning we woke up a little late and a little sleepy. Little did we know that there was a surprise waiting for us outside.


What was it?


Snow! Just a little taste. Not really enough to make angels in and definitely not enough to build a snowman or a fort. Maybe you could pack a snowball?

It is beautiful though!

Along with this other winter gift:



My Heart

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


loves to snuggle with Mom all night long
still has her umbilical cord attached (i swear it's never coming off)
hates being bathed
has the cutest curliest hair when it's wet
has stopped shedding her skin (i can wear black now :)
is soothed by rocking, swaddling, nursing, and bouncing
has big round eyes and
long fingers
has he sweetest dimple in her left cheek (usually can be seen when she's drunk off breast milk)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

has my heart

- Posted on the Go


Let it Snow!

Tomorrow is December.

We decided that some snow would be appropriate.

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1. Get inspired. Link here for awesome snowflake instructions.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

2. Fold according to directions to get that awesome octagon


3. Cut all sorts of triangles. I promise you cannot mess these up! MaeMae (she's 4) made some of my favorites.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

4. Hang and enjoy.

ps. sorry about all the phone pics lately. my camera is dead! :(




Mommy with the Baby in Her Belly
by MaeMae Nov. 2011

Yeah, I'm hoping to be depicted a little differently now.


As of Late


November is over. Or, it might as well be.

What is going on?

I can't believe how fast time is flying by - it's making me crazy!


Our sweet little Rosie is two weeks old. We love her! Like, LOVE her!

Photobucket Photobucket

Our Thanksgiving was sweet and simple. We were invited to spend it with friends and I only had to worry about potatoes and veggies. It was perfect for my postpartum state.


And the tree was put up.

Remind me next year that while stringing popcorn may seem like a fantastic idea - it is actually super tedious. And all those little "helpers" that are so excited to do it will last 20min and I will be left alone to finish it with my sore fingers.

The girls were back to Kindie and Preschool today. Roo, Rosie, and I lounged around the house and I half-attempted to potty train the 2 year old. Maybe Grandma will have more success with her in a couple of weeks.

And my Christmas shopping is almost done. Yay!!!!


And just because this is my blog and I can do what I'd like with it --- here is another pic of our Little Rose Bud.

Isn't she dreamy?


Little Mommas


I can't imagine how long the last 6 months have seemed to the girls. We told them we would have a baby when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. We also told them to keep it a secret, which they did very well.

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm also sure that the day they spent waiting to see Little Rosie was as long as those six months.


I knew that Easy would be bringing them all in around 2:30pm. I guess I didn't really take into consideration what that would mean though. I suddenly heard little voices outside my room and my heart began to beat a little faster and harder in my chest. Then three little faces came around the corner (got their hands washed with E's help) and piled on the bed.


One. Two. Three...and here was Little Four about to be mauled by what probably felt like a million little hands.


The big girls kept talking about how cute she was and Roo about rubbed all that dark hair right off Rosie's head.

I looked at Easy. The room was suddenly a lot smaller. Shocked. It hit me. These are my children. Our children. Each one of them. Four kids. All of them. Holy crap - four kids!

But those shocked and inadequate feelings of having them and caring for them all were fleeting and quickly replaced by the previously mentioned Roo being a little too eager to see the baby and of course, she had to be reigned in. Then the older girls were frustrated when it wasn't their turn to adore Rosie and their eagerness quickly turned into boredom. Thank heavens for an iPhone and PBS or these little mommas would have torn that little hospital room apart!

After last cuddles and loves E took them to Steak N Shake and I took a deep breath. Lucky for me Little Rosie smells a little like heaven. I'll be breathing her lovely scent in often the next few weeks as we adjust to having a rather large family. Pray for me!



A. Rose in November

So it goes like this...


Monday the 14th of November I started having contractions just after dinner. They were mild and spaced around 15-20 min apart. We got the girls in bed and Easy and I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and eating ice cream. I wasn't sure if they were going to continue through the night, but I was very sure that I was not having Braxton Hicks. All night I tossed and turned with contractions coming every 10 minutes or so. A few times I practiced my relaxation and breathing techniques. Then from 5am on the 15th until around 7am I finally got some solid sleep on the couch.


When I got up the contractions continued. I sent E off to work and Blondes off to school. Then I showered, did my hair and finished packing my bag. MaeMae, Roo and I spent the rest of the day organizing, watching Toy Story 3, baking cookies, and snuggling together on the couch. All day the contractions continued to come.


Around 3:30pm I called Easy to come home. Then MaeMae and I took a walk. She gathered dandelions as I walked ever so slowly through contraction after contraction. Roo napped. When Blondes got home off the bus we got the girls all to friends' homes to stay for the night. I wasn't sure how fast this baby was going to come, but I wanted all my little chickies organized and where they needed to be before it got too late or before things really took off.


When Easy returned from dropping off MaeMae he and I went on another walk then ate dinner - Dickies BBQ. I went light on my dinner since I have a reputation for throwing-up during labor. On our walk the contractions sped up to around 2 minutes apart and we decided it would be best to go back home and head in to the hospital.

At home E gathered everything up as I labored on the couch. Sitting or laying the contractions timed to about 6 min apart. I expressed concern about "going natural" again. I was having extreme anxiety. Roo's birth was rough for me mentally and emotionally and I didn't feel prepared to go natural again. I couldn't get my mind cleared and off the moment where I went through transition with her - it was possibly the hardest moment in my life where I felt very alone and afraid. I was tired. I was scared. Our lives have been chaotic ever since we moved to Arkansas. He called a friend who came over and assisted Easy to give me a blessing. In the blessing E gave me I became very emotional as I was reminded of the reunion I would soon have with my daughter. He told me that many were waiting for this occasion. He blessed me with strength and a clear mind. I felt grateful and loved.

6 pm. In the next few minutes we were off to the hospital. There was an accident on the freeway and it was completely backed up so we detoured and took side streets. I told E that I didn't think I was strong enough. He didn't know what to say - to encourage me to push through and go natural or encourage me to get an epidural. Being the good man he his he opted to just hold my hand and support me. Just as we arrived the rain started.

Photobucket Photobucket

The ER was pretty slow. We got there at 6:15. By the time we were admitted it was 6:30. If you know much about hospitals you would know that this is a very inconvenient time to arrive because it is shift-change. I knew we wouldn't be up to L&D until after 7. So we sat together in the waiting room talking and breathing.

7:10pm. We get taken up to L&D. I'm hooked to the monitors in triage. Contractions 6min apart. I'm only 3cm. Sad news after contracting for 24 hours - I'm not in active labor.

Photobucket Photobucket

7:30pm. My water breaks - or I think it does. I question it for a minute then I know for sure that I'm not wetting myself after a few more contractions. We call the nurse in and it is confirmed that we will be staying. We crack jokes together and enjoy those moments between contractions. I spill my ice cup more than once, demand my chapstick, and complain about the bed.

8:45pm. We move to a delivery room. IV placed.

I'm still having anxiety. Relaxing is getting more difficult with the contractions getting harder and harder to bear. I'm 4cm. I'm nervous. I'm feeling inadequate. I make the decision that has plagued me all week and I verbalize that I want an epidural. Easy is supportive. We both feel it's a good choice given the situation.


10:15pm. The anesthesiologist comes in. I'm nervous about the epidural and about all the side effects that I've read about. I'm also nervous that he looks 17. I tell E to sit down. I sit on the side of the bed, bare my back, and stay still. What is described as a "big poke" feels like nothing and I swear he used a whole roll of tape to secure the catheter. The contractions are coming back to back. I just want him to put the medicine in the damn thing already, but he is chatting and moving ever so slowly. My toes start to tingle. 45 min later I'm feeling pretty good except an area about the size of my hand on the front of my belly isn't touched by the epidural. My legs are numb as well as my pelvis, but the pain is intense on the front of my belly and I still have to breathe a little through contractions. My left leg is especially dead.

11pm. My doctor comes in. He isn't on call but decided to come in and deliver another girl on the floor as well as myself. I'm a 7. He breaks the second bag of water around the baby and tells me to call when I start feeling "pressure." Easy holds my hand. We agree that the epidural was a good decision this time even though I can't even move or feel my left leg. It totally creeps me out if I focus on it so I try to just close my eyes and not freak out. Then I have a popsicle hoping it will settle my stomach a little.

11:30. The nurse comes in and checks me. I'm a 9. No pressure. I can't feel anything except in that annoying spot where the epidural didn't touch. But I'm able to relax finally and start dozing a little in between contractions.

11:50. Everything is ready to go. Doctor is in. Nurses are in. He says that the baby is ready to come out according to the monitor and sure enough she is right there. I don't feel any pressure, but I know how to push and am ready to meet this little girl having pushed three others out with no pain medicine to even speak of. Easy is right by my side just as he always is. I push 3 times through a contraction and her head is out. The doctor comments on her chubby little face and dark hair. Twice I push through another contraction. Shoulder out. Body out. Then I look down and see my baby.

Photobucket Photobucket

Her little face all scrunched up. Her long arms and legs extended. Her thick dark hair. She is out and pink as can be. She cries and is placed up on my belly where the nurse and I rub her down and suction her. Easy cuts the cord. I breathe. We did it. She stares up at me and I think of that reunion we were promised to each other earlier in the evening. We connect with each other and it is a sweet...sweet moment.


I am so pleased with how it all turned out. Of course it wasn't the birth that I totally intended it to be, but I truly feel that it was the right birth for us. It fit our situation and circumstance so well and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I have the most beautiful little baby. Seriously. She is gorgeous! My heart has once again expanded as I feel of all the love I have to give this sweet little Rose Bud. What a gift...


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