Take 4.


We have the Christmas tradition of planning and making gingerbread houses every year around this time.

Lucky me, I have the 2 cutest girls around, who are ever-eager to help bake and excellent at licking beaters.


It really is a big undertaking with all the thought that goes into the layout, measuring, shapes, and cutting of pieces. Then it's transferring those fragile pieces to baking sheets, cooking them and finally assembling them.

Half way through I wonder why the hell I would choose to do such a thing.


But then it all somehow works out (most of the time...see Year One) and I'm so satisfied with the result.

This year I added more dimensions and used a heated water/sugar mixture for glue - only burning myself twice. :)


Gingerbread house 2010: A charming little tudor.

Last year.

The years before.

The gingerbread recipe I use here.


Cereal In My Stiletto said...

So impressive! I remember last years...what talent. :) Sure pays to have those cute helpers! Love their aprons.

Cherish Stockdale said...

umm this is amazing, we only do the box kind, and I use a glue gun to put it together! I am seriously impressed!
Your girls' aprons are so cute!

Jord said...

Holy what! That thing is awesome.

Sally said...


Mrs. Blimes said...

I love this! Great job and a wonderful tradition! Now, how long does the house stand before its gobbled up by those little princesses!?!

{Erica} said...

I always look forward to this post every year. This year's creation is just as awesome as ever.

p.s. you have the patience of a saint!

Christen said...

You are making wonderful memories for your girls along with a delicious looking house!

sheena said...

AMAZING!!! So cute.

but year one is still my fav:)

Annie Jane said...

I love this. Both this year and last year, Anne and I did a box one with my girls. We both get so frustrated, and the kids are annoyed with our perfectionism over sort of a hopeless mess and leave halfway through. How funny.
I just love your houses. What a cool tradition.

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