December. Oh my. It's here.


Amidst the chaos of my preceptorship, NCLEX review class, and a vomitous-achy-bones-sickness that has plagued the Gardiner home we have found time to discover December. It's really here isn't it? Eeeeeek!


Easy is stoked about our random mis-matched Christmas lights that we have inherited and I'm betting they catch our house on fire before Santa shows. There is a reason they don't make them like this anymore, but I have to admit they are pretty freaking awesome. Especially the ones that randomly blink - it reminds me of growing up.


Speaking of E. Have I told you lately how much this little girl of our adores him? It's heartbreaking actually. She follows his every move. If he sits, she sits. If he talks on the phone, she steals the phone. And if he walks out of the room she toddles all crazy and reckless after him. Forget about mom - apparently Dad is where it's at.


My three by the tree.
Dec 5, 2010.

Anyway, Christmas this year...
It really is going to be fantastic.

I'm sooooo excited!

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