A Date with my Chickies


Took the girls to see Tangled last weekend before sickness dropped on the house.

We loved it.

We laughed out loud. Ate all the popcorn before the previews were over. MaeMae sat on my lap during the scawery parts. Blondes held my hand during the sad parts.


I...Well, I cried like a big fat baby.



Spring said...

Yup. I cried like a big fat baby, too. Husband's eyes were glistening as well, but SSHHH! Don't tell anyone! You have some of the cutest chickies around!

Marielle Carlisle said...

I cried too. I loved that movie.

Jord said...

Such a fun mommy daughter date. And you cried...there is no hope for me now. I thought it was supposed to be a happy movie.

Sally said...

We LOVE that show. I am thinking about going again tonight. Seriously I don't think I can wait for the DVD. It is such a fun show! Olivia is constantly brushing her hair and singing "flower gleam and glow..."

plus...I MAY have shed a tear or two. It goes without saying for me.

sheena said...

we LOVED it!!!! I was sobbing!! And trying to hide it from the kids. so cute.

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