Being Betty


Last Friday I finally graduated from nursing school. See how ecstatic I am?


The celebrations actually started a week earlier when my two best pals from school influenced me to ditch review class for breakfast, shopping for graduation scrubs, and a pedicure. How could I refuse, right?

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And the weekend before we partied at Grimaldi's with friends.


I know, I could not stop smiling. It is truly fantastic to be done.


I was even chosen to be the student speaker. See my instructors? It felt pretty good to hear their laughter behind me. I introduced a slideshow that I had prepared for the evening, we recieved our pins, lit our lanterns, and called it a night.

My parents, Easy, the chickies, and I all then enjoyed frozen yogurt and the sweet feelings of accomplishment.



Spring said...

Congratulations! It is so awesome that you're done! What an accomplishment!

Shelly Hyde said...

So happy for you to be done! Love that you were the speaker. I bet you did a great job. Congrats to you and Eric. What a feat

Jord said...

I love this post and your truly marvelous accomplishment. Nursey, you deserve to celebrate!

Candy said...

Seriously a big fat CON-GRATS to you! Yahoo!
Now you know what this means right? I can ask you all sorts of medical random stuff! :)

so happy for you!

Alisha said...

you do look dang happy and so does eric. in-fact, he looks a bit more happy than you.
i'm incredibly happy for you. congrats.

Karen and Joe said...

COngrats again you stud muffin! So proud!

sheena said...

eeeeeeeeek!!! so so so happy for you!!!

are you raising the roof?

Christen said...

You are camazing in every way! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!

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