Just What's Been Up.


This is where I have been and why The Dirt is lonely.

I guess that something has had to give lately and it has been my blogging. Maybe The Dirt will forgive me?

I do love it in that ER though. I love helping people feel better. I love lifting their spirits. I guess I really did find another calling in life.


No worries. Being a mom to these guys is still the very best thing ever - that and being married to my perfect match.

Oh, we are getting ready for Blondes' birthday this weekend. You know what? She is really going to do it. She will be five and no one can stop her. I hate and love that my girl is growing up.


We are going to be having a Forest Fairy party. I'm prepared with fairy dust to bottle, fairy houses to paint, tutus, wings, and flower crowns, a little deer to pin the tail on, a new face painting kit, and my best white birthday cake recipe.

This party is going to be off the hook...that is...if fairy parties can actually be "off the hook."

In other news - Roo is walking. She decided to ditch the crawling act all together, which is silly because she is so much more efficient at crawling. As E would say, she walks like a Tyrannosaurus - wide legged and leaning to each side with claws at her chest.

I am so smitten with this baby.


Shelly Hyde said...

So adorable. That invitation is off the hook. the party better produce.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

cute idea :)

and of course, I am going to ask what song & artist this is, because I just am in love with your musical taste.

Sarah said...

she is such a cutie!! no wonder you're smitten :D super fun party idea... love the forest fairies theme!

hays said...

It's Armfull O' Sweetness by Fats Waller

Anonymous said...

Hayley, I love your blog, you are simply amazing!

the crew said...

I recognize that walk! We have our own t-rex around here.

such a dreamy party!

Alisha said...

it kills me that i don't even know the little one. :(

moshell's lilbit of space said...


tt moreno said...

i must say it was in the er when the dr notified my mother, sister and I that my father had suddenly and tragically passed away. It wasnt him that offered comfort but the (very pregnant) nurse that came in with him to tell us. I still remember her warm compassion to total strangers in need!

Annie Jane said...

Oh, your girls are so darling! What a cute smile Roo has! Congratulations on passing your nursing exam--being DONE with all that school! Hooray! Way to go! I look forward to reading more.

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