Finishing Up


For the next four days you will find me here. I'm glued to my books and notes as I study for my final final of nursing school. It's a pretty sweet feeling.


Easy was kind enough to take a couple of days off so little-girl distractions are minimal. Have I ever mentioned how miserable I would be without him? He makes my life manageable and incredibly sweet. Thanks Babe!

Gosh, I can't believe that we are actually here. Can you? Remember this? I feel like it was yesterday that I received that letter in the mail and we started this journey.


And now I'm here. I'm reviewing nursing considerations for intra-aortic balloon pumps and treatments and risk factors for septic shock.

I don't know how it's all happened so fast. In these two years things have changed so much. My children have changed so much. They have grown and we added another to our bunch. We moved...twice. We bought our first home. Adjustments were made, priorities were aligned, and things worked out.

Wow, it really can be done.

p.s. Tomorrow is my last clinical day. Woohoo!

Monday night I'll take my test. Any kind words of encouragement or prayers to keep focus are
welcome. I'd really like to rock this baby.


banananutmeg said...

congrats, H!

the crew said...

this really is such a great accomplishment- you rock!

and you'll rock this final.

way to go!

Christen said...

Yay...so exciting, I will pray for you!

Alisha said...

rock that baby!!

Spring said...

Awesome. You'll rock it!

Scooby and Jon said...

Best of luck, you'll totally rock it!

Shelly Hyde said...

YES! I do remember this like it was yesterday. I think about it and how amazing you are and how i thought you were super cool before this and this BLEW MY MIND... and some how you got even cooler. You are amazing. my hero really. growing up I wanted to be Florence Nightingale. (if you don't know her...check her out....she's was incredible)

Karen and Joe said...

Congrats!! I can't believe the end it here!! YAY!! I know how stressful these 2 years have been and especially these past few days preparing for the final, but you are AMAZING and you WILL do AWESOME!! Just like everything else you do!! Breathe, and conquer that bad boy and after the NCLEX you'll never sweat over a test again!! YAY!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Lindy Lewis said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

You're still a Lewis....In the sense that when you put your mind to something, it will get done. Love you!

Sally said...

Wow! I am sooo happy that this has finally come along. You have worked your little tail off and of course stuck through it. I will definitely think about you and say a little prayers just for my Hays. breathe in breathe out...you've got this!!!!!

Lori said...

go hayley go

eric and monica said...

Whoohoo! So sure you will do GREAT and good luck on the your boards exam.

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