Holy smokes it's November.


I should start by apologizing for holding out on you. Please forgive me, but I am in shock at how quickly time is going by here and I'm a little distracted with my nursing final that is in a week. A week!

Anyway, I totally forgot to let you all in on how fabulous E and I looked for Halloween.


I know, right?

Hahaha! Every time I see this I can't help but smile.

It's sick.

We rocked 80's prom. Totally. Bodacious.


Styling 80's bangs is just like riding a bike. The curling. The fluffing. The hairspray. More fluffing. More hairspray. It was kinda liberating in a funny sort of way and it made me think of my mom - especially with the fuchsia lipstick and hot pink earrings.

Gary Lewis Family minus Brodie (the oldest) - 1988?


But that's what makes the 80's so great, right?

The hairspray, the clothes, the mullets, the music...and the fuchsia.


Candy said...

your Halloween bangs are the raddest things I've seen this side of the Mississippi. You blue eye shadow is equally awesome. Where did you find your outfits?

hays said...

E has had the suit since high school. i think he found it at a thrift store. my girlfriend randomly had the dress. the rest was goodwill...

Christen said...

In the words of your girls "You look like a Barbie"! You guys looked great!

Alisha said...

great outfits! i'm digging those shoes and would wear them on a regular basis. (in the spring of-course not the fall)

hays said...

ali - i do wear them but the prob is they are a tad too big so my heel slips out so i actually don't wear them that much.

banananutmeg said...

I can still taste the Aquanet from my sister's waterfall bangs days. The bathroom was in a permanent aerosol haze.

I like your puffy sleeves.

Lori said...

You guys look so shiny.

sheena said...

"Styling 80's bangs is just like riding a bike" , that is the funniest thing ever.

that and eric's suit.

you guys are awesome.

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