...we may just stick to dance.


Blondes played in her first soccer game last Saturday. Of course she was among the cutest on the field, but lacked a little in the paying attention and being aggressive part. Surprise, right?

But I was super proud of her. She really tried. She ran (slowly) and kicked and was a very good sport about playing.


She really cracks us up because during practice Easy caught her picking up the ball and hollered over "no hands." We later noticed that she was holding her hands behind her back while playing so that she wouldn't make the same mistake again.


Lucky girl though - her daddy is Coach and Grandpa was here to document the whole event. He and I together are like her own personal paparazzi.


Cherish Stockdale said...

how fun & she is super cute!! I love the pink soccer ball, nice touch! ;)

carolina said...

FUN!! she's adorable:)

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