Shoot 2010


We got it. One family photo with all five of us that I absolutly love. It's really not too much to ask for, right?

I love this one just as much - it's definitely going up.

Luckily our photographer was amazing with my girls and we do have plenty of photos to gift to family and adorn our home with.

We are also so fortunate that she is a good friend and shared the blooper files with us as well.


Some of them I almost prefer just because they are so, "us."


The torture!


Seriously. What is she doing?


Perhaps just prepping early for her role in Swan Lake?

I love how E and I are smiling our way through it as if the flailing baby isn't affecting us in the least bit, but at this point we were totally done.

And so was she.

Dang babies just don't get it!

Here's one more favorite just so I feel like we end on a good note. :)

Until next year...


Cherish Stockdale said...

They are so cute!!

the crew said...

I love them.

We need to do that soon- kind of dreading it, but it is worth it -esp when you get some gems!

Shelly Hyde said...

oh gosh hayley. SO adorable. Loving your red hair. Looking Foxy. i need to get my act together and get some family pics done too.

Mrs. Blimes said...

These are gorgeous! Perfect family pics if you ask me!!!

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

Are family pictures are the same way. Every year we pic the ones where the kids look great and me and mike look intoxicated. This year we switched it up, we look good and the boys look silly! They are great pics, beautiful family!!

Leslie said...

I love the color scheme you chose for your outfits. And I laughed at the blooper reel. Those are amazing. Who is your friend that took them?

sheena said...

I LOOOOOVE these!!! wow. so cute.

love your shoes, and your hair, and the flailing baby....and just love you guys.

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

super cute photos! Always a benefit to have a family friend take the photos...you can see it in the kids' eyes, I think! :)

nicwoo said...

Perfecto! ESPECIALLY the bloopers. We've got plenty of those. I think when our kids grow up a little, they will be more interested in those, anyway :)

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