Oh Baby!


Oh my goodness. Have you seen Babies?

Probably my new favorite documentary. I sat myself on the couch tonight and enjoyed the bliss of it. All mothers need to watch this show. Actually all humans do - it's just so satisfying.

The baby from Mongolia. What a crack up! He was my weak spot with those huge cheeks, floppy hair, and getting himself into all sorts of funny situations

It just really made my want a little guy of my own. As does Etsy.

Not now though...



banananutmeg said...

I LOVED this movie.
I didn't know there wouldn't be any dialouge..and actually kind of wished there had been some commentary.

I thought the american parents were retarded.
Ok, not retarded, just not "typical"...which is what I think the documentary should represent. Most parents don't feed their baby with bark, swim naked in a hot tub with their baby, or go to play groups where they sing about Mother Earth. Or dress their baby girl in ugly clothes. Americans are more superficial than that

That aside, I did love the movie. The little african babies? yum! Where were the men? I had so many questions I wanted answered by a narrator.

My favorite was definitely the always unsupervised mongoloian baby's naughy older brother. So cute...and even cuter when he was up to no good.

hays said...

I also was not a fan of the American family. I did love that when they sang the Mother Earth song that the baby didn't want anything to do with it. lol. But for the most part they totally bugged!!

allison said...

i LOVED this movie!! even garrett liked it. i also loved the little mongolian baby and his chubby cheekies. i <3 chubby cheekies. :)

i agree that the americans were a strange choice if they were supposed to represent "typical" - and my neighbors are certainly thankful that i am not that kind of typical, nekkid in my backyard for all to see!! i laughed so hard when the little girl was trying to leave playgroup while they were all singing that corny song. haha! love it!

Amanda Mock said...

I loved that movie too! That older brother was hilarious. I felt bad for everyone he crossed- the cats, the goats, and his little brother. The American family was quite strange- for the longest time I could figure out whether the kid was a boy or girl because the dressed her so weird. I also loved that part where the kid was banging on the door like "get me away from these crazies" I loved that movie, and I felt bad for the little African baby. There were always bugs around him- but the important thing was that he did seem happy and loved. Really made me think what is important when raising a kid, and exactly how spoiled we are.

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