Lying Lions

Oct 2010. Wearing her swimsuit around the house all day because she "loves it so much."

I had a conversation with MaeMae a while ago that I can't get out of my head.

This girl is incredibly clever.


I walk into my room and there was a wet towel on the floor.

I questioned the one child that is usually in question.

"Sissy!" I call after her.

She runs. I swear the girl is always running. "What Mom?" She yells. Also always yelling.

"Why is there a wet towel on my carpet?"

"I doe know."

"Did you put it here?"


"Hmmm. Well, I think you did. Are you lying?"

"No Mom. I'm not lyin." (She is.)

"Sis...I think you are lyin."

"Nope. I am. not. lyin!"

I pause a moment and give her the look...the come-out-with-it-or-you're-dead-look.
You know, the one with the raised eyebrow and the pressed lips that seasoned moms are so good at.

Then she jumps, "Mom! That....is a lyin!"

I'm confused.
Why is she pointing at my legs?
I look and see that there are in fact tiny little lion silhouettes patterned on my cotton pajama pants.

I smile and shake my head at her.
At this discovery the conversation is over.
I am defeated with her quick-wit.

And off she runs.


Spring said...

I hate it when they outsmart me. I also love it!

Alisha said...

argh! jill has been lying too...
this just makes me think they really dont' understand the word "lying" apart from "lion".

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I love her!

sheena said...

Ok so this makes me feel so much better. Lucy is the BIGGEST liar. And she totally knows how to cover her tracks too....one more reason these two should probably never hang out as teenagers.

nicwoo said...

Oh, mamma. One of my favorite posts! heehee.

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