3ish weeks.

Marta, Vital Anne, and I in the freezing cold Sim-Lab. 9.10

I often get asked what I'm going to do with myself after graduation.

First of all, the question just blows me away every time. It's so surreal. I can't believe that it's almost over - another major accomplishment in my life.

The plan is to work.
For one year I'm going to work my butt off.

Where though?

The truth is that I think I'd like to do anything - even nursing jobs are hard to come by in the job market. When we studied Peds I thought, Oh I could totally do this. OB was the same thing. Critical Care, the same again.

I always go back to Emergency Medicine though - where I really think I want to be.

After we take our final (in 3ish weeks) we then do 96 hours of clinical work with a preceptor nurse. We get to choose - to a certain extent - in what discipline we want to do this work. So I chose what I thought I wanted. At three different hospitals I chose to do my preceptorship in the ED. It's a lottery and there is no guarantee that you will be chosen for where you want to go. It's pure chance (or so they tell us :).

And guess what?

I didn't get it.

After 3 rounds of name submissions there was nothing.

So when my instructor finally said she had something for me I felt relieved, but I was still a little bummed. I kinda hated hearing about all the other awesome experiences others were chosen for. Not only was I going to Med - Surg at a Hospital we have never set foot in, but it was nights and typically you don't get as great of experiences on nights.

The other day I looked on the website to see if I had received the name for my precepting nurse.

Something was odd though.

It said Days.
It said a different hospital.


It said ED.



Cherish Stockdale said...

Yay that is awesome, so glad you got what you wanted!!

the crew said...

congratulations! That is awesome. I am so in awe at all you've accomplished- not only nursing school, but being a great mom, wife, friend, and everything in between!

You Rock.

banananutmeg said...

you're almost done! Congrats! What is ED?

hays said...

ED/ER (Emergency Dept)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you had such an interest in Erectile Dysfunction.
This makes much more sense.

the wife said...

lol anon.

i can't wait to share ed stories!

hays said...

please excuse my husband's immaturity.

Shelly Hyde said...

good works hays! proud of you little ladyf g vgfgbv... that last bit was a message to ginger from hazel.

Jord said...

Yea! I didn't read this one until now, but am so glad that you got what you wanted.

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