cutting, gutting, sliming, spooking


Our day is going to be jam-packed with all sorts of Halloween fun.

I can't wait.

Since Sunday is the Sabbath and Saturday I have clinical all day we are taking all of our celebrations to Friday! First a birthday party, then a party at Easy's office, then a Trunk-or-Treat at the church.

The girls ran in my room this morning at 6:30 am begging at my bedside to put their costumes on. They know exactly what is in store for them.


Oh, but they were biggest wusses when it came to cleaning pumpkins last night! They absolutely refused and when I finally got them to pull out some seeds they ran to the bathroom to clean the "slimys" off.

Babies I tell ya!

So I gutted all three and carved all three.


Then we spent the evening eating home-made pizza (off the grill - yum!) and watching the pumpkins glow into the night.

That is what this time of year is all about for us. We lounge around on the patio soaking in the cool nights after the hell-of-a-summer we have just been through. It is a sweet sweet moment when the air conditioning goes off and the windows and doors open up. It's like we can all breathe again.


Roo is so close to walking. I love catching those little steps out of the corner of my eye. I'm guessing in a couple of weeks she'll be toddling all over the place.

Have a safe weekend!

Oh and Zantar is back...from the dead!


Oh Baby!


Oh my goodness. Have you seen Babies?

Probably my new favorite documentary. I sat myself on the couch tonight and enjoyed the bliss of it. All mothers need to watch this show. Actually all humans do - it's just so satisfying.

The baby from Mongolia. What a crack up! He was my weak spot with those huge cheeks, floppy hair, and getting himself into all sorts of funny situations

It just really made my want a little guy of my own. As does Etsy.

Not now though...



Shoot 2010


We got it. One family photo with all five of us that I absolutly love. It's really not too much to ask for, right?

I love this one just as much - it's definitely going up.

Luckily our photographer was amazing with my girls and we do have plenty of photos to gift to family and adorn our home with.

We are also so fortunate that she is a good friend and shared the blooper files with us as well.


Some of them I almost prefer just because they are so, "us."


The torture!


Seriously. What is she doing?


Perhaps just prepping early for her role in Swan Lake?

I love how E and I are smiling our way through it as if the flailing baby isn't affecting us in the least bit, but at this point we were totally done.

And so was she.

Dang babies just don't get it!

Here's one more favorite just so I feel like we end on a good note. :)

Until next year...


Lying Lions

Oct 2010. Wearing her swimsuit around the house all day because she "loves it so much."

I had a conversation with MaeMae a while ago that I can't get out of my head.

This girl is incredibly clever.


I walk into my room and there was a wet towel on the floor.

I questioned the one child that is usually in question.

"Sissy!" I call after her.

She runs. I swear the girl is always running. "What Mom?" She yells. Also always yelling.

"Why is there a wet towel on my carpet?"

"I doe know."

"Did you put it here?"


"Hmmm. Well, I think you did. Are you lying?"

"No Mom. I'm not lyin." (She is.)

"Sis...I think you are lyin."

"Nope. I am. not. lyin!"

I pause a moment and give her the look...the come-out-with-it-or-you're-dead-look.
You know, the one with the raised eyebrow and the pressed lips that seasoned moms are so good at.

Then she jumps, "Mom! That....is a lyin!"

I'm confused.
Why is she pointing at my legs?
I look and see that there are in fact tiny little lion silhouettes patterned on my cotton pajama pants.

I smile and shake my head at her.
At this discovery the conversation is over.
I am defeated with her quick-wit.

And off she runs.


Treasure Hunting

Last weekend while G&G Gardiner were here we decided (in true Gardiner fashion) to hit up a few garage sales.

We hit the jackpot!

Nestled in old Scottsdale we found the home of a couple that were just moved to an assisted living facility in CA by their children. The kids were present and wanted nothing more than to rid their lives of the parents junk.

Like I said. Jackpot.

We shall start with my favorite finds:


I can't wait to purchase some film and see what they can do. They are all so cute and not bad for $2 a piece. This guy also had a vintage SLR that my father-in-law took home. Complete with an extensive set of lenses.


We found this vintage Red Racer in the same neighborhood. The guy said he had it since he was a kid. He estimated it was made around 1930. We aren't really sure what to do with it. We agree that we could probably make a good profit from it, but Easy and I are a little to in love with it to sell just yet.


No explanation needed. Spirograph's are rad. And for all ages...it says so on the box. :)

E also bought a few needed tools and my mother-in-law found a vintage Singer Sewing Machine. She was kind enough to give me a lot of the accessories that came with it, including these fantastic old needle booklets and some fabric scissors.

At the end of all the chaos I spotted a box full of vintage Tonka Trucks. Even with a house full of girls we couldn't resist as the woman was only asking $5 for the lot. Our friend Keegan was over this morning playing and he played with them for hours. Presently, the girls are outside with them and their Polly's - shoveling dirt and loading rocks.


While they are busy I guess I should work on my Spirograph skills Psych flash cards.



October Faves and Craves


1. If only AZ weather would justify the purchase of a heavy coat. The black one. The green.

2. This album is sweet music to my ears. Please just listen to track one and I'm sure you'll feel the same.

3. It's that time of year again when all I want to do is stuff my face with Reese's. I swear that they taste better in October than any other time.

4. Last year my mother-in-law got me a little hooked on licorice tea. It is naturally sweet and the taste lingers in your mouth. Perfect for a rainy day.

5. Is it too early to start my Christmas list? I'm imagining the fun that my family will have with this.

6. I want to eat my face wash.

7. Last year as my just-had-a-baby-so-nothing-fits-gift from my mom she bought me these pumps in grey. I love them and was stoked to see them in berry.

8. Wonder what Heaven will smell like? I kinda think Anthropologie got a tip.

9. I find white bedding enchanting. Mine is looking a little dingy these days. How I'd love to spruce it up with this number. Or this one.


...we may just stick to dance.


Blondes played in her first soccer game last Saturday. Of course she was among the cutest on the field, but lacked a little in the paying attention and being aggressive part. Surprise, right?

But I was super proud of her. She really tried. She ran (slowly) and kicked and was a very good sport about playing.


She really cracks us up because during practice Easy caught her picking up the ball and hollered over "no hands." We later noticed that she was holding her hands behind her back while playing so that she wouldn't make the same mistake again.


Lucky girl though - her daddy is Coach and Grandpa was here to document the whole event. He and I together are like her own personal paparazzi.


a year in the making.


Our Roo will be one tomorrow.

Say it isn't so.

Music: No Buses by Arctic Monkeys

3ish weeks.

Marta, Vital Anne, and I in the freezing cold Sim-Lab. 9.10

I often get asked what I'm going to do with myself after graduation.

First of all, the question just blows me away every time. It's so surreal. I can't believe that it's almost over - another major accomplishment in my life.

The plan is to work.
For one year I'm going to work my butt off.

Where though?

The truth is that I think I'd like to do anything - even nursing jobs are hard to come by in the job market. When we studied Peds I thought, Oh I could totally do this. OB was the same thing. Critical Care, the same again.

I always go back to Emergency Medicine though - where I really think I want to be.

After we take our final (in 3ish weeks) we then do 96 hours of clinical work with a preceptor nurse. We get to choose - to a certain extent - in what discipline we want to do this work. So I chose what I thought I wanted. At three different hospitals I chose to do my preceptorship in the ED. It's a lottery and there is no guarantee that you will be chosen for where you want to go. It's pure chance (or so they tell us :).

And guess what?

I didn't get it.

After 3 rounds of name submissions there was nothing.

So when my instructor finally said she had something for me I felt relieved, but I was still a little bummed. I kinda hated hearing about all the other awesome experiences others were chosen for. Not only was I going to Med - Surg at a Hospital we have never set foot in, but it was nights and typically you don't get as great of experiences on nights.

The other day I looked on the website to see if I had received the name for my precepting nurse.

Something was odd though.

It said Days.
It said a different hospital.


It said ED.



The Haps.

Do people still say that? "What's the haps?"

I'm not sure that they do.

Or maybe it's just that I don't.


The haps around here is that this baby is turning ONE this week. Agh!


And my girlfriends and I have jarred enough salsa to last until 2020. Want some?


We took family pictures last week. These were the colors. Easy was totally opposed to the pink, but we (the ladies of the house) made him deal with it.


Have you ever done a food co-op? Coolest thing ever! Where have I been living? We used this one last week and were pleasantly surprised with all the fantastic fruits/veggies we got for only $15 (pictured is only half of it).


Lastly, Psych lecture at school is driving me mad. Our first test is tomorrow and I don't even know where to begin studying so I have been putting it off. I just feel like I'm over it - totally finished. Maybe it's just a bad case of Senioritis, but I can't wait for these next 4 weeks to be over. Yes folks, 4 weeks and I am finished!

Who wants to come to my party?



A Post About My Mother and Blue Tarantula's


When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was go and watch my mother paint. She seemed to be the go-to person for any project around town that necessitated the need of someone handy with a brush.

She would give my brothers and I scrap pieces of wood and her worn-out brushes to create masterpieces of our own. She always encouraged us to mix colors, test out different textures, and explore new mediums.

I am forever grateful to her imaginative mind and creative spirit since I see it living on in myself and in my daughters.


Last week the girls begged me for a craft. It was Blondes' idea to make a blue tarantula. I told her that I didn't think there was such a thing.

So we googled it. Did you know that googled is actually in the dictionary?


Obviously I was wrong and two blue tarantula's were made.

And enjoyed.

p.s. I hate being wrong.



The Perfect Cure


MaeMae runs around the house calling, "Pet? Pet? Where is my pet?"

What she doesn't realize is that although this little Chihuahua is almost the cutest thing we have all seen - it is temporary - a way for us to rid these girls of their insistent all-animal-phobia.

On Friday as we went to pick her up I asked the girls what her name should be thinking to my self that it should have a Spanish flair to it. Blondes must have read my mind because she randomly and shockingly announced it should be "Mosita." Mae and I agreed on it.

A family that breeds them allowed us to have little Mosita for the weekend and trust me it has been the perfect cure. The first day Blondes wouldn't even stand on the floor when the pup was near and now she says to me, "Awe, I just love this Chihuahua Mom!"


They are both a little depressed about having to bring her back today.

I originally had the thought that we might keep her - and honestly I still do a little. Her affection is unconditional and the way she curls her little body into ours and sleepily drifts off is incredibly sweet. Overall I'm learning more and more why people have such a love for their dogs where I didn't really understand it before.


But she is a puppy and she keeps pooping on my green rug (we think she thinks it is grass), she nips at my Roo, she whines in the night, and I'm afraid we are going to break her (ahem, GM).

Overall, she is just another baby - and I'm sorry but the last thing I need right now is something else to leave sleep over - even as she is currently nestled at my feet under the desk cuddled up to a stuffed animal.
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