Tomatoes at Christmas


Earlier this week Easy and I received an email from his dad.

I do feel bad for those wimpy Californians. How horrible it must be to live near the beach when it is 100+ degrees out. Tragic! I mean, what are they to do?

I remember last year around this time...we were loving life.

I have been trying to get my fall/winter garden going, but this heat is making it so hard on my little seedlings. If I were outside all day I suppose that I would just wilt up and die as well or pray that a little bird would come and snatch me up.


Don't get me wrong though - I love the thought of having a winter garden - especially after July pillaged all my plants I worked so hard to move and transplant here. Perhaps I will be lucky though and we can have tomatoes at Christmas.


On thing is for sure and that is we will have plenty of basil. This thing is out of control! Perhaps I should dry some. Any advice on that?

Oh, and we are also sure to have peppers - because they love the heat and are thriving in my little raised bed.


So forget the ham!
Dec 25th: Fiesta en mi casa!


Rachelle said...

oh my! are you referring to me? because it was 100+ degrees on monday and we did almost die. we very well could have walked down the street to the beach but that is TOO hot for the beach. :)

i did however think of you on monday and wonder how in the world you handle the arizona heat.

on another note i just had oodles and oodles of basil. bags full! i made tons of pesto and froze it. no idea if you can dry the leaves.

banananutmeg said...

I yank my entire basil plant from the ground right before the first freeze, then make so much pesto I think I'll never run out.

But I always do...just in time for fresh basil in my yard.

I've also heard the trick to freese a few leaves in ice cubes with olive oil, and when you are cooking, throw a cube in the pan to melt (1 cube is usually 2 TBS) and you have basil infused oil. Yummy.
I haven't attempted to dry it but my friend said it loses so much flavor it's better to freeze it.

Also, If you pinch the flowers off your plants you'll get a bushier plant.

Haha, yeah those poor californians. 90% humidity. They know nothing on frizzy hair and bugs that will eat you alive if you step outside. And it still cools off at night out west. Here, it's hot as hell for 24 hours. a. day. sick.

sheena said...

I make pesto and freeze it too....yum.

This year I used walnuts instead of pinenuts....they are SO much cheaper!

nicwoo said...

I've heard of cashews in pesto too. But that's not what I've come here to say.
Power to the Plants! :) I love that they really try to THRIVE. Looks great, H.

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