Sweaty Betty


I have a big fat test today. Ugh. I'm soooo dreading it.

This is the first of my last nursing school exams. Eeek! My new instructor is ridiculous. She is a fountain of knowledge, but is practically dropping bombs of reading and study material on us.

Adding to that our AC was on the fritz all through the night and into this morning. Double Eeek!


Just before the AC man came we hit 86 degrees. I was sweating. The girls were moping. Roo was sauna-napping.


So we distracted ourselves.


We sat in front of the fans,

drank loads of lemonade, and anticipated Otter Pops for after lunch.


High of 110 today. It will hit at the time I leave home for that dreaded test.

Welcome September!

p.s. This means we only have one more month to endure hell in Phoenix. Yipeeeee!


MA said...

Oh we totally know how you feel! Our AC went out right before bedtime. Lets just say we didn't get any sleep that night nor did I get anything done the next day until after 2pm! Go away HEAT!

Belinda said...

Spring has just started in Australia and before we know it so will the hot summer.
Good luck with your exam.

Jord said...

Ahhhh! I am sorry it was so hot for you. That is the worst, and if they don't fix it soon please come over and hang out in our coolness.

sheena said...

I'm sorry for the heat. I'm sorry for your test.

but I really just can't stop laughing at the little old man in the left of the picture.

nursing school would kill me. I am too easily distracted.

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