September Faves and Craves


1. Love Burt's products. This shower gel is awesome.

2. I'm so excited for scarf season. This chunky one from Target would go with anything and I also love the handmade/vintage look of it.

3. Loving the zippers on these Steve Madden boots and I have always been more than satisfied with the service at Zappos. My chocolate boots from 2 years ago are holding up really well though, so I can't justify getting another pair.

4. Sweater. It speaks for itself.

5. I bought Ali this bracelet for her birthday and had the hardest time actually giving it to her because I loved it so much. It isn't available online, but I'm sure you can find it in the store.

6. Ruche has done it again. This tee is perfect.

7. My legs want tights and I'm not afraid of the funky ones.

8. Now that the weather is cooling off (is it really?) I can't wait to bake again. I'm also a sucker for cute aprons.

9. There is supposedly a pumpkin-ish Jamba out there. I'm so going to try one this week. I heart Jamba and I heart pumpkin.

10. Referring to #8: I can't wait to fire up this bad boy and make bread again. And cinnamon rolls. And cookies. And cake. And anything else that involves loads of butter and sugar.

Fave song on my iPod this month:

Happy Fall!


Candy said...

such fun stuff! I love your collections of things. I JUST ordered my first pair of boots the other day. Is that ridiculous or what? I just couldn't commit to one...I wanted brown, black, gray, dressy, casual, high heel, flat, etc. And I've got to get me a pumpkin jamba....yummo!

Carly said...

I love that Mike Snow song. I have it on my ipod. It's a great jogging song.

banananutmeg said...

I sat through RS today coveting the fishnets on the legs of the woman sitting in front of me. Tights = best invention ever for a girls with legs as white as mine. I'm ready for fall. Bring on the bread.

Do you have a good whole wheat recipe? I'm ready to try a few new one's out.

Lori said...

Sorry to hear it is back in the 100's there. Blech. HOT HOT HEAT. But it is 90 here. I am excited for a few more warm weekends to finish up some yard work, but I can't wait to dust off my cardigans. Woot!

sheena said...

I die over that bodywash. It is the best smell in the world, and I always find myself wanting to eat it. Is that weird?

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