Off Kilter.


I'm off balance.

I think I have been running on empty too long. This is the second day in two weeks that I haven't woken up with a headache and how incredibly fortunate for me two set of blisters have popped up on my lips over the weekend - which means things really aren't right. How cute. One on top and one on bottom.

It's embarrassing that I wear my stress on the outside like this.

I'd like to think that I appear to be put somewhat together, but unfortunately I live with the curse of stress induced cold sores so my smile has a hard time hiding my frazzled mind.

Some of the biggest moments of my life are marked with them. I can't exactly remember how many grade school photos they've ruined; second grade was particularly bad. I do remember that one time in high school I had (count them) five! One was even in my nose.

Another - A souvenir from my honeymoon.
Next - A gift postpartum.
Now - A reminder that I am trying to make it through my last semester of nursing school.

8 more weeks. It's really so close that I can taste it.

(i'm planning my escape...with my family of course)

Maybe then I can get myself put back together.



Amber Goodman said...

I somehow came across your blog and I think you have an adorable family! We haven't even met, but maybe one day since our husbands are cousins (on the Brown side).

Had to leave a comment to thank you for sharing the naan and masala recipes!!! Made it for dinner last night and we both loved it. It's my new favorite meal.

hays said...

Thank you Amber! I so look forward to meeting you as well sometime!

the crew said...

I admire you.

Sorry things are so frazzling right now. You will make it through though... you're tough like that.

Love you, and miss you.

See you when it's all over- (it'll be here before we know it!)

the wife said...

hang in there. hope tonight went okay.

sheena said...

8 more weeks!!!!!

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