No Rest for the Weary

Touring the Tonto Fish Hatchery, Sept 2010

The five of us have returned from the mountains after some much needed R&R.

I almost bailed on the thought of having to pack and prepare for a 3 day camping trip, but we pushed through those feelings of wanting to sleep in our own bed and lounge around the house for fresh mountain air and nights sitting around a fire. Plus we were going with our friends, The Glover's, and we couldn't bear the thought of bailing on them.

So Saturday after clinical I came home, did a little last minute packing, and we took off to The Rim.


Now I'm feeling pretty refreshed, revived, and more ready to take on this chaotic life of mine - Even though there is still much post-camping-cleaning and organizing to be done

On the list for today:

Get dressed
Finish laundry
Clean fridge
Blondes preschool this morning (don't forget snack!)
and Music Class this afternoon
Hays study group @ 6

On the list for this week:

Finish clinical papers
Go to AA (for class)
Plant my winter garden
Fix chicken coop before I drop-kick Red Ruby (she keeps flying the coop and crapping all over the patio)
Attend training for Hospice of the Valley (volunteer)


p.s. Fish hatchery's are disgusting.


the wife said...

lol! "drop kick". i remember that feeling when i'd see fresh bird crap on my patio.

Shaunna Harrington said...

Which hospice of the valley are you volunteering at? They are amazing! :)

hays said...

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go to a PCU or volunteer one-on-one in someone's home. We will see...

Belinda said...

You have a beautiful family!

JMay said...

Ok I can't even handle how adorable your family is!

You are blessed my dear :-)

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