The Growth of an Old Soul


This morning I sat in Roo's room with her cradled in my arms for a last minute's snuggle before her nap. As she downed her bottle I listened to her slurp and swallow. Her eyelids gave up, closed, and I couldn't help but examine those long little legs that now hang down off my lap, onto the chair, and into the air beneath.

She is perfect to me.

She has long beautiful lashes - that I covet - and the little hair that she has curls at the nape of her neck. Her sweet cheeks are as soft and kissable as ever and those deep brown eyes melt me.
I love her laughter and the way she scrunches her nose. I love that I feel so connected to this little beast. I love that she sympathy cries when her sister's are upset and how excited she gets when her daddy walks into the room. Mostly though, I love her wide-mouthed kisses and how she lays her head on my chest when she is feeling tired.

There has always been something very sweet and different about our Roo. I love that when she was just tiny a woman asked her age and then responded that she seemed so much older than 4 months. I mentioned that it was peculiar how we had heard that often. She replied, "Well, she is probably an old soul." I took that moment and tucked it in my pocket. It seemed so appropriate that Gigi would be an "old soul." Somehow, it just fit.

With that being said, I just wish that this "old soul" would stop growing.

I miss my baby.

I don't know what happened over the last year. No matter how much I wanted to keep her little and no matter how hard I tried to savor every stinking moment - she grew.

She crawled. She ate table food. She weaned herself. She stands and claps, points to her nose, nods her head and says "mama mama mama," and plays hide-and-seek.

And she is going to be 1 before we know it.



Amanda mock said...

She is gorgeous Hayley. I love that picture. This year has gone by way too fast! Why oh why do they have to grow up so fast?

Shelly Hyde said...

oh gosh. that made me want to go in my little haze's room and scoop her up. I cannot believe they are almost one already. Such a cute picture of your GiGi.

sheena said...

It hurts when they don't stop growing, doesn't it.

she is so sweet.

allison said...

i feel like i am in the same situation here. when hayden was 10 days old, i told her that i wanted her to stay 10 days old forever. she didn't. it makes me sad too. :( i feel like i fell asleep and woke up and nine months had passed before i knew it.

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