Dear Easy,


I know that things are crazy busy at work.
And that you have been pulling 10+ hour days there.
And that they really need you.

But MaeMae is picking on us all again.

I've tried giving her extra attention.
I laid on our bed with her for 15 minutes trying to reset her mood.
I have distracted, separated, and redirected her.
Nothing is working.
I even have promised and given c.a.n.d.y.

What I'm trying to say is that
We miss you.
And I'll be so glad to greet you at the door today.




banananutmeg said...

yuck, is it really 102* there?
Spray the crazies out of them with the hose, then have popsicles and cereal for dinner

Rachelle said...

oh kelly always works long hours. we miss him when he is gone too!

i hope the long hours for easy end soon.

Jord said...

That girl trying your patience? I can't believe it! She is too darn cute. Maybe we could trade #2's for a day as mine seems to be doing the same thing.

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