Waking up to San Diego

We have 2 new little friends in our house.

And even though the advice we got was almost totally against it - we didn't listen.


Meet our Zebra Finches:


One species at a time, we are working our way up in the pet world.

Every morning they wake us with their little chirps. They play all day hopping around, nibbling, and calling to each other. Lately, San Diego has been singing to Raspberry which is slightly annoying, but cute at the same time.

Late into the afternoon they get quiet and settle down for the night - cuddling up against one another like little love birds.


Josh and Kandice said...

Oh they're beautiful! I hope you enjoy them!

the wife said...

they are cute. seems you do like your fowl.

banananutmeg said...

ahahaha...on the "You might like" feature, it had a ling to sheena's Poppy Giveaway post. Except, I thought it said "Poop" Giveaway and thought, "huh. that's not right." I had to read it like 4 times before it looked right.

WHo named the birds? cute.

hays said...

Naturally, the girls named them. Mae just wanted the boy to be Sandy but then Ava added on the Diego.

the crew said...

such cute little birds.

we really should come and meet them.

i really miss you... i will try to call you soon.

Small & Tall said...

For now we're going to have to live as vicarious pet owners through you guys. These birds are the cutest. We're jealous.

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