Summer is OVER!


And my life is insane...again.

*So my baby is huge. And adorable as ever. She spends her days crawling around the house and getting into everything. She is cutting like 17 teeth right now. Okay, 4. She can waved and point and has the sweetest MaMaMaMaMa whine when she is hungry. I love it and can't help but scoop that peanut up and kiss her big fat cheeks.

*I'm still doing camping laundry. We camped for 5 days and 4 nights. I slept in the car with the previously mentioned peanut because she turned evil on us all and everyone in a 5 mile radius at night. More to come on the camping.

*I started class again on Monday night. I felt my stomach crawling the whole time because I'm almost done with this madness. Block IV focuses on patients who are acutely ill (ICU) as well as psych patients. That also makes my stomach crawl a little.

*I'm giving a talk in church this Sunday on service - something I have a strong testimony of. Also I was just asked to be the new Nursery leader for our congregation (teaching and caring for the 18 month to 3 year old children). Oy!

*To manage my madness I'm doing Yoga again. Yay!


Mrs. Blimes said...

Good luck with the new semester! And the nursery! Been there, its fun but exhausting! And, your baby is so so cute!

sheena said...


I'm praying for you:)

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