Room to Breathe


Block IV is tough. I'm hoping I can make it through. My instructor talks in fast-forward, the material is serious stuff, and I'm missing my husband. That six week break was like gold to us. We talk about it like it was the "good ol days."

I took Tuesday off and Jord and Christen came over to hang with me.

We sat at my table and made hair accessories while our little ones caused mischief all about the house.

We ate actual food for lunch (no p&j, mac&cheese, or quesadillas), we laughed - talked about our marriages, our kids, school, callings, our plans for fall and just took some time to breathe.


Just as Jord was leaving at around 4pm the dark clouds rolled in and dumped a fantastic summer monsoon on us.


The girls giggled with delight as we jumped at the thunder, searched for rainbows, and finally all sat in a trance staring at the chaos out our windows.

Yes, I seem to like breathing.



banananutmeg said...

i need to breathe.
good post.

{Erica} said...

I wanna know how you got the flowers to stay on the headband? Also a tutorial would nice on how to make them. I have an idea but always appreciate a good tutorial :)

the wife said...

:( wish i lived closer.

Ash said...

Ya I want to know how to make those headbands, they are adorable. And I wish I lived closer too!!

hays said...

i will work on a tutorial.

nicwoo said...

Refreshing! ....You wouldn't have happened to have talked about Cub scouts, by chance? I need a tutorial too! lol!

Rachelle said...

just hanging out is good. i need more friends to come over to just hang out.

good luck this block with school. :)

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

Love those hair pieces. And that summer downpour...what a great thing to happen during a 'breather.' :)

Jord said...

The clip making day was the best and I'm totally impressed with our results. You are one crafty girl and I love to create stuff with you.

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