Picking Teams

The Girls. Cedar Breaks. July 2010.

Saturday. 8am. Easy rode his bike.

I made French Toast.

Blondes was playing in fairy-princess-polly-pocket-barbie-land.

and Mae...

Well, Mae was bonking Roo in the head with a wand.

So this means that at 8:05am Roo was screaming and it was time for me to put on the mom face even though it felt entirely too early.

I pick up my Roo, and eject the wand, which gets "thrown into the trash" and Mae gets sent to a time-out while erupting into a waterfall of tears on her own.

She is always doing things like this. She looks for attention. She tests the boundaries and she often acts on impulses before thinking through any sort of consequence.

Blondes goes to inspect the trash and she doesn't see the wand in it, because of course I'm a weenie and didn't actually through it in there (It was $5). Mae gets out of time out, wipes the tears out of those big blue eyes, and promises to be a nice girl. I continue with one hand, flipping the egg-laden bread while Roo does the last of her whimpering and snuggles into me.

Blondes: "Sissy. Don't worry, I will make you a new wand out of paper."

Hmmm. We sit at the table and I ask the girls to get their plates. Mae just looks at me somberly.

"I'll do it! Sissy, do you want the pink fork?"

Hmmm. Just like my oldest girl. She looks out for her pesky little sister. She keeps the peace around here. Thank goodness for her.

"Here! I know, you can have this cute plate with the princesses on it!"

Me: "Hey, what's going on? Why are you being so nice to her?"

Blondes is sassy now. She stares me down and furrows her eyebrows that are barely there,

"Because YOU threw her wand in the garbage!!!"

...and suddenly I'm the bad guy.

At least I have my Roo.


banananutmeg said...

I live in the world you just described.
and I am always the bad guy. even when Aaron is playing.
no fair at all.

Leslie said...

It must be the older sister/younger sister dynamic that is pretty common among little girls. That could have been a typical morning in my house. :) It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes when little Roo gets a little older. And I don't have the heart to "throw things away" either. ;)

Rachel said...

Ask Eric about how we had to band together to fight the natives.

Sarah Peterson said...

that is a great story. So cute that Ava looks out for her sister ;) I love it!

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