That is what Easy's dad calls her.

And what the MA called her at the Doctor's office last week when we sat her on the scale. 17lbs.

It's hard to believe that a year ago I was waddling around feeling cramped and waiting for the arrival of sweet baby we called Three. She would present her self just 6 weeks from this date - tumbling out onto a hospital bed with no one to receive her - another girl - just as it should be.


I've been thinking about that moment lately as we approach her first birthday. I'm reminded of how I was in control at that moment - I was birthing my baby. No one was counting me through pushes. No one was telling me what to do - how to breathe - when to rest - to push harder.

I'm honestly considering just doing it on our own the next time. I'm not announcing anything, but there will be another Gardiner here someday - we hope - and I think that when he/she comes I might like to be in my own home. I think I might like my girls close by and my warm bed to rest in immediately afterward. I think that I might like doing it all on my own terms and in my own way. I also think that I could skip out on the hospital food.

Sure it might sound crazy, but is it really?


For me, I don't seem to think so anymore.



Carly said...

I am right there with ya girl. Problem is insurance sucks.

Shaunna Harrington said...

I say go for it! You could do it in a heartbeat! :)

Leslie said...

It doesn't sound crazy at all. If I could get an epidural at home, I'd have my babies here too. Turns out I'm too chicken to go without meds. ;) Happy Early Birthday to your sweet little girl!

all boy stuff said...

how'd you get her to do a thumbs up in that first pic? she's a doll.
fyi, i was just talking to tonya carroll yesterday and she had 2 of her kids at home. plus, now you're a nurse.

Lori said...

My friend Kim has done it 3 times. http://prairie-mama.blogspot.com/ she has a lot of stuff to say about it, too. You might find her words helpful.

TheKeilShpeel said...

it's really been a year already.
My best friend does home births and I've photographed home births. I'm like someone said above.. I like the epidural or else I probably would do it at home. It is such a spiritual experience having it at home. (just from the few I've photographed.)
I could give you my friends email or # if you want to know more. She will gladly be able to help on insurance issues or anything.

Chy said...

Am I the only one???? I'm going to go with CrAzY.....then again I'm 32 weeks and it's all a little to real for me right now;) But YOU I'm sure you could do it easy peezy;)

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone...where is E on all this? In particular who has clean-up duty? Would you have a mid-wife?

I prefer birthing center...home-like comforts without placenta stained carpets in my house.


the crew said...

I am right there with you- the comfort and serenity of your own home, own bed, own food... your dear family close by... I think it sounds delightful...

my dear matt doesn't seem to feel quite the same way :)

Shelly Hyde said...

Isn't it craziness that our babies are almost one. I think she is a beauty. I think you're a teeny bit crazy, but mostly I think you're really cool. wish we had seen each other in Fallon. We need to plan better.XO

{Erica} said...

She is so beautiful!

p.s. I think it's nuts that she's only 17 pounds. Jonas is 4 months on the 8th and he's 20.5! What a chunk!

p.p.s. Doesn't sound crazy!

hays said...

ah ha ha!

@Matt - of course i would have a midwife and i'm sure she wouldn't allow there to be placenta stained carpets.

Christie said...

with alana my plan was do it at home. i had the midwife, the pool, everything i needed to have my at home birth. unfortuantley my body does not allow for natural birth. But i dont not think you are crazy in any way. Even though i didn't end up having my baby at home i loved the experiance with the midwife. I felt so much more in control. I felt like i got to know my body. It was like instead of going to the doctor for everything i got to figure things out. It felt right. I wish my body would let me because i would have all mine at home if C-sections weren't a neccessaty.

Lindy Lewis said...

waaaaaaay too scary for me! but you could rock it! I just can't believe you are thinking of birthing already....soooo the last thing on my mind right now! you are one amazing mom, wife, and birther-(is that a word?) love ya.

Jord said...

So if anyone could do it you are definitely the one and I'm sure it would be an amazing experience to add to your birthing collection.

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