My Daughter, the Artist


Blondes is really taking her drawings to the next level.

Here we all are dressed like royalty (a common theme). We are all thinking about how Roo should go to bed. Meanwhile all of our hair, except for Easy's got sucked up in the crack (upper left hand corner).

p.s. I'm personally digging the puffy shoulders on my dress.


banananutmeg said...


mrs.kristin said...

Wow. Great Imagination. In one of my Reading classes we learned--elaborate drawing with an equally elaborate story line is a great sign of an good early reader. Smart girl you have!

{Erica} said...

great pictures!

I'm so wishing we were neighbors... I have a feeling our kids would get along so well. Ella just did some drawings I scanned...maybe I'll have to share them as well. She could draw all day.

p.s. hopeyour AC is fixed ASAP. Another reason I wished you lived next door. I'd have you just camp out at our house until it was fixed!

Jord said...

Amazing drawing for a sweet little girl!

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