A Camping We Will Go


I think that we just might have camped in the most beautiful country.


It felt like it anyway.

Rolling hills, a little lake, cabins nestled, The General Store, wild horses, cattle ranches, creeks, waterfalls, wildflowers. You name it!


We were nestled in the southern portion of Cenral Utah, Panguitch Lake, a 6-7 hour drive from Phoenix. The car was packed so full I thought it might burst. We fished. We sat around the fire and told stories (scary ones even), we picked flowers, the boys went shooting, we played "Oed Maid," we cooked, and sipped hot cocoa and licorice tea as it rained.

By the way, there is this little part of me that loves camping in the rain. Easy loves it too. It means that we all get to crawl into the tent together and wrestle each other, snuggle and tickle our girls, and finally just crash and listen to the rain pitter-patter on the tent.


I love this man.


Carly said...

That looks beautiful! I LOVE camping!

Leslie said...

I love camping! Especially in this heat. You just want to get away. Looked like you had fun. :)

Jord said...

I love the picture of the three girls in the chairs. That Gigi is getting big! You are the camping queen for sure.

Sally said...

I have no words to tell you how much I love that part of the country. I am so happy that you feel a little bit of how amazing it is there. I'll take you on the local tour sometime!

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