A Swelling Heart


I have the best grandparents. They are some of my favorites. My love and appreciation for them runs deep and going to Nevada also means going to see them, which makes my heart swell. For a few years they lived on a ranch in literally the middle of nowhere so our visits were less frequent, but I'm soooo glad they are back - I only wish Easy was there to enjoy them with me...and to discuss immigration with my grandpa - I tried and think I failed.

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My grandma is the most soft and sincere person. She doesn't have a bit of angst in her. I have her hands, which under other circumstances I might be ashamed of them (they are quite large), but because they are hers I love them.

Grandma raises the most beautiful Creamy Labs. If my girls weren't run-for-the-hills-afraid of dogs and if the dogs didn't grow up to be horses I would have packed this little girl in my bags home to Phoenix.


Speaking of horses. My grandpa eats, sleeps, breathes, and dreams them. It's always a treat to hear his stories of the races and watch him interact with his horses. Somehow he can speak their language - it's magical.

Grandpa and Impulzive Kate, July 2010

Although I was grateful to hear that he has stopped riding (he is 79!) I couldn't help feeling a little melancholic about it. Next to the Gospel, Grandma, and his family, horses are his greatest love.

Horses...and maybe boxing.


Amber said...

my cup runneth over. and my heart too. i miss...well, so much. thank you for capturing so much of it.

Lindy Lewis said...

good post! love it! makes me tear up a little....

thanks for the love.

JCL said...

I have amazing grandparents too and feel SO blessed I was able to grow up near them. Both my grandmas have passed away, but my two grandpas turn 85 this year and they still amaze me with what they do! Love your post!

a-hyde said...

we just moved to Reno. We wished we could have seen you and met your darling girls. We've been in touch with Brody, and he's invited us on the boat! Im excited to get to know your family a little bit better.

Annie Jane said...

I love this post!

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