the pink


late spring 2005 easy and i anxiously learned that we were having a little girl. our first. we were living in green bay. we went to target and bought a little blue dress for her as we refused to let pink take over our lives.

no pink.

i told my mom - no pink.

for the most part i think that my wishes were respected, but you know what? the beast is just too dang big. and it creeps in.

bam. bam. bam.

three girls.

and we are swimming in bright, fluffy, bubblegum pink.

and i'm totally okay with it.

last week the bedding for my big girls' room finally came. you can only imagine how the estrogen in the house peaked as we girls ripped open the box and ooood and awed over the lovely pattern.

the added bonus?



Photobucket Photobucket


Photobucket Photobucket

bedding: here
paint: here
beds: here (bought from a 75 year old lady. her dad bought them new for her and her brother when she was 5 years old)

inspiration: here


JCL said...

Um yes, I am in LOVE with that bedding, I am in LOVE with the Liberty of London line at Target, and I am so sad they don't really have anything in stores anymore. So cute Hayley!

the crew said...

I love it! More jealous of the fun you are having, turning your house into your home!

{Erica} said...


The bedding is beautiful and the beds...oh the beds...it's my favorite part!

I'm so enjoying watching your home come together. Keep posting and giving me inspiration.

hays said...

haha. whatever erica! i totally copied your girls' room. total props to you!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you about not buying pink except you have given into the beast and I refuse. My mother buys Samantha pink because that's her favorite color and she knows I don't like it!! I'm scared when she gets older her favorite color will be pink! Maybe being the only girl she won't succumb to the curse of pink.

I love there rooms and the beds are my favorite. I want to come see your house sometime. So cute:-)


tt moreno said...

oh hays! I love it all soooo much!!
you are so lucky snagging those spool beds. Ive been looking for them forever and no luck yet.

good choice with the bedding too. i love your post.. keep them up!

Leslie said...

I'm a little hurt that my sister will comment on your blog, but not mine... ;) Also, I was just going to say that Tracy is going to give in to the pink some day. I was the same way! But, once I saw my little babies in a pink outfit I didn't care anymore. They now rock the pink like nobody's business!

Love the room. If my girls weren't both "S" names, I'd copy the letters above their beds.

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