piece by piece


did you know that getting new carpet is like christmas?

it is.

it might almost be even better.


especially if your old carpet smells like dog urine.

which ours totally did.

rumor has it (from Jorge our neighbor) that the last tenant's dog was living in here for weeks after the eviction.

alone. solo. seul.

however you say it.

i say, "blech!"

so we decided to scrub the sub-floor - to ensure the smell would be gone. out.

so far, so good.


ah. new carpet smells like a new house.


which is what this is turning out to be.

little by little.

piece by piece.


the crew said...

that sounds all too familiar!

Lori said...

THey were going to charge us $400 to rip out the carpet so we decided to do it ourselves. DISGUSTING! It took about 4 hours and I could barely lift anything the next day. It was awful to work in the house without carpet, too. Especially fixing baseboards and stuff on our hands and knees. But then, the new carpet came and made the 6 weeks of heavy home reno hell sooooooo worth it. Congrats... it really is almost the best thing on earth.

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