the perfect shade of blue

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i wanted open shelving.

had to have it.

i needed my kitchen to breath. i wanted it to come alive, but most of all...i wanted to want to be in there.

yes open shelving! that is the answer!

that and more paint.

oh, and i wanted blue.

and beach blue it was - actually blue lagoon to be specific. and i sent easy for it.

the whole time i was painting though i was questioning. and justifying. and trying to love it.

e and i just sat there looking at it - and we liked it, but something was odd about it.

just not. quite. right.

then it dawned on me while a friend and i were sitting there staring at it again.

it was 113 degrees outside and i wanted to be at the beach in a little bungalow, but lib is not a bungalow and the color (although i was madly in love with it) didn't belong in this house.

it just didn't fit.

so i tore down the shelves.

and started over again.

and this time from the moment i slapped that paint on it was perfect.

it was calming.

and soft.

it reminds me of the summer monsoon skies that frequent the valley every july and august. the skies that give us desert dwellers a little hope in the middle of our own hot hell.


it's perfect.

*ps...do you see my hardware?? :)


Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

i love it! good call on the color. fill that shelf up with milk glass baby, fill er up!!

JCL said...

it is gorgeous! i am quite jealous.....i dream of a light blue kitchen with white cabinets too....

{Erica} said...

noticed your hardward right off...love it!

Good call on the color. So lovely.

Love the open shelving as well.

You guys should come do our house next? Please?! :)

banananutmeg said...

the hardware rocks.
I want butternut squash.
What is the paint color you DID use? (brand, sheen etc) I want a blue trunk, but my home is nowhere near a beach, either ;)

Vanessa said...

WOW! You have a talent for color and decorating! I LOVE IT! BEAUTIFUL!

Whitaker Family said...

Oh my gosh!! I love it! And i love LOVE the open shelving, I have been begging Jeramy for months for some, so I have to know where you found it!
Great job it looks amazing!

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

yes, that is the perfect blue... that's dedication to a shade when you tear the shelving down. I'd do the same. Oh and totally noticed the new hardware on the first photo. love it!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Looks great! I definitely love the second blue. Thanks for working out all the kinks to the kitchen re-do, now I can just learn from you before we ever do ours. ;) Great job. I'm sure you are worn out.

hays said...

gosh meg i have no idea what the color actually is. it's glidden paint in satin finish. they tinted the gallon that i had already bought in the previous blue. i used a behr paint chip for them to color match the one that i wanted and now i can't find it anywhere. when i make another trip to HD i'll be sure to find it.

hays said...

oh and the shelving was found at ikea. :)

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