The Mighty Greenwave

My high school mascot was a green wave.


A. Green. Wave.

I know - it's totally weird.

It is supposed to resemble alfalfa fields when the wind blows across them, which is not scary at all. I never understood why we couldn't be The Bears, or The Tigers. Just something ferocious!

The Greenwave? Blech!

You know what green waves are scary though? The ones at the reservoir we used to boat in growing up. That is what it should be named after.


Photobucket Photobucket

Anyway -

I did it.

I dragged Easy to my 10 year reunion and as awkward as it all felt and could have been, it honestly wasn't too bad.

I just wish I had more pictures. Hello? Friends? Pictures??


Mostly because I got to spend a lot of time with these two (missed you Holls, Barb, Marsh, and Monica).


A little time with him.


And a lot of time with E - who was a great sport about the whole thing considering his situation (carrying on conversations with people he could care less about and will never ever see or talk to again - plus hearing us all relive the "glory days") and listening to us all rave about the Barn Pizza all night long - which might not have turned out as great as we all remember after all.


So was it worth it?


See you in ten more.



Anonymous said...

Onward Greenwave!!

Come on H you have seen your brothers bleed for the Wave. Embrace it. The Greenwave's your past.

Besides, we weren't the rabbits (sharp teeth) or beet diggers or melon pickers...


Sally said...

woah! Love your hair!!!!

Love your mascot, it is in my top 10 with beet diggers and the templers (yes Manti Utah's mascot is the Templers because of the temple there).

Small & Tall said...

Cute hair! I like it a lot!

nicwoo said...

You looked great! :D (Isn't that the other best part about these things?)
E gets a magnanimous award. Kudos for you guys attending! Fun-

the wife said...

had a blast.

Megan said...

yep....I was officially a rabbit! Got mad fun of for that one all the time!

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