a happy day


i love this girl.

her zest for life and her contagious laughter make every day of mine better and brighter.

i also love that she is 3 because as she would say, "three is big."


she is a fan of:

mac and cheese
cuddles at nigh-night
playing with blondes
being the mom
wearing "lake-up"
talking about how big she is
wearing dresses


invading others personal space

i'm a fan of the mini birthday cake, simply wrapped gifts, and family parties.

thank you MaeMAe for making our lives so exciting.



Cereal In My Stiletto said...


{Erica} said...

such a beautiful girl! I love how they concentrate so hard on being big! Mailee still does that and she's turning 4 next week!

I'm a big fan of small cakes with all the birthdays going on around here. The 2 girls get small cakes and bret gets a big one :)

Jord said...

Ahhh! You have had so much going on. I am sad we missed M's birthday, but hope she had a great day turning 3. She is a big girl now! I'm loving the new carpet and can't wait to see it. Girl, you've been busy!

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