beachin' it.

a summer trip home is incomplete without a visit to the (previously mentioned) lake.

unfortunately, i have no footage on the actual boat.

enjoy, nonetheless.


banananutmeg said...

love it.
Where's your suit from?

hays said...

oh. that's not me. it's my bf alisha. i think she got it at sport chalet or someplace like that. you can see a snippet of my head in the video. and i do love my suit so i'll tell you where i got it from too: athleta.com - the best thing is they sell their suits in tall!

Spring said...

I am now homesick. For the lake. For the fam. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

the crew said...

such a good time- wish we could have been there with you guys!

Lewieville said...

Your girls are so good at ignoring you with your camera :)

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