done and done

lab practice 6/3/10

Yesterday was brutal.
I don't know how many times I hit the refresh button on the grades web page for school.
I think I checked it at:

7 am

...and on and on until finally at like 6:45 pm when there was a change in the numbers.

And my heart jumped once or twice as I did the calculations.


I passed.

Which is soooo great!

Then the realization sinks in that I'm almost done. That I'll hopefully graduate in 6 more months. That I'll be a nurse. That this all will have paid off. Agh!

Then I get the messages from friends who barely missed the grade. Like, ba-r-el-y. I want to cry for them, hit something for them, it's heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because I know how good they are and how a grade - a stupid grade - determines our futures after 18 months of working our tails off. Not that it's the end of the road - because there are certainly options and opportunities to retake classes and get into other programs, but setbacks are the worst!


At least for the next six weeks it's over. I get to be here with my sweet family. I get to go on vacation, see my parents, sleep in a tent, and lay by the pool all guilt free. That's the best part - not feeling guilty for just enjoying myself - not feeling like I should be studying.

That and getting to read a good book.



Rachelle said...

how do you do it!?!?

so glad you passed. now enjoy some time with your family!

moshell's lilbit of space said...


enjoy your time off.....because before you know it...it will begin again, but for now....ENJOY-tremendously.

banananutmeg said...

I want to be you. You do everything.

Hows the book? Should I read it?

hays said...

haven't started it yet. i'll let you know though.

Pamela said...


Scooby and Jon said...

Hooray for you! You're amazing!

the crew said...

Yay!! We are very happy and excited for you- that relief is the best- we've enjoyed Matt's guilt free company- and it is oh so good!

all boy stuff said...

congrats Hayley! that's huge!

do a book review later and let me know if it's any good.

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