Camping The Rim

atop the rim

This weekend we escaped the heat that has decided to make our lives a hot living hell again. We brought some friends up to the Mongollon Rim (mo-gee-on) where G-Dizzle endured her first camping trip.


Too bad we forgot her port-a-crib.
Too bad she had to sleep on my chest all night.
And too bad that every time I tried to move she would scream out in absolute protest threatening to get us kicked out of the campgrounds.

It was a long night.
And I was very stiff the next morning.
Oh, but she is soooo cute and I still try to eat those little cheeks off her daily.


The rest of her gang.

Photobucket Photobucket

Other than that she was an absolute delight.
And we always love a good camping trip.
Even with a screaming baby.
And especially one that involves beans!


Do you know who else loves camping???
Blondes does.
She finally gets it now.
The excitement is starting to soak in.
She is a girl after my own heart.


Her sister on the other hand, with her dirty little face and tired eyes, cried and told me she wanted to go home.

You know what that means though?
We only have up to go from here!



banananutmeg said...

only been once....last year!
Maybe we'll give it another shot, this year. Why not? What's the worst that could happen? baby cries all night? You survived...we will, too.

all boy stuff said...

hey! we were camping on "de reem" last weekend too. cus was on me all night, which doesnt' work too well w/ my belly right now. wish we could have met up so i could get some of those beans.

sheena said...

I think we are going this weekend....I can't wait!! I think both my kids are finally old enough that it shouldn't be terrible......I hope.

love gm's messy faces!

Meg said...

Your little family is adorable! I haven't checked in on you in awhile and of course as always you look like life is going great and HAPPY :-)

Jord said...

That camping trip was awesome and I'm glad we were the family to be invited. You may make campers out of us after all...

Amie said...

We went to the Rim this past weekend too--the Blue Ridge campground. I have pics on my blog from yesterday. :)

Great pictures! You must have a fantastic camera. (and cute subjects)

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