Summer Prep

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It's going to get hot.
I don't want it.
It makes me cranky.
It makes me feel like I can't breathe.
It's sticky, sweaty, and literally melts and kills everything.

I'm determined to keep the air off until June.
So far so good.
Lib seems to keep us fairly comfortable inside when it's in the 90's outside.
Maybe I'm just afraid of turning on the ac unit that is 15 years old.
That bill will probably also make me feel a little breathless.
Yes, best to keep it off as long as possible.

AZ heat is a hot hard blow to the face after the beautiful winter and spring we have had.

But I think we are pretty ready.


So bring it on.


The sunscreen's been stocked.
I painted the citrus tree.


The pool has been filled.
And new sandals have purchased for the chickies.


Oh, and the ice machine on our new fridge is fully functioning.


Mindee said...

I am with you 100 percent on the cranky, sweaty, melting thing!!

It's even more horrible than normal since the temperature has been wonderfully below 90. Suddenly it will be a hundred million degrees and we'll be longing for the cool nights of spring, but alas, it will still be 100+ at three in the morning.

Hope you can make it to June without the a/c. Good luck!

P.s. I enjoy your pictures and humorous take on things. It is fun to read your blog :)

banananutmeg said...

ok, why did you paint the citrus tree? And is the reason only beneficial for citrus? I have a peach, pear, and sour cherry tree.

Should I be painting them, too?

Cuz if Hayley does it...I'll do it too.

I'm embracing the humidity this year. Usually, I get frustrated about frizzy hair and schwetty armpits, but this year, I plan to live in wrinkly skirts and embrace my shiny forehead, and outta control hair. Bring on summer!

hays said...

meg - it prevents sunburn in the summer heat here. not sure about your trees but citrus have thin bark and can damage easily in our scorching desert heat.

{Erica} said...

good to know about the citrus tree painting thing :)

looks like you're ready. Me, I can't stand to be too hot so we've already had the AC on one day last week. If it gets above 80 in the house the AC comes on...I'm bad I know.

you forgot to mention the grill being ready. If you're like me then to even think about using the stove or oven in the Summer time heat makes me break out in a sweat.

p.s. answered your question on formspring with a link.

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