brothers, birthdays, and 1982

Lewis Kids Dec, 1982

Yesterday was brother Matt's birthday (lower right).

The thirtieth will be brother Jeremy's (lower left).

The first will be mine (center female that looks identical to Roo).

We three have always shared huge cakes and summer parties (I know, my poor mother, right??) I've always been grateful to have them close to me.

Jeremy introduced the Lewis' to rap. I remember him coming home and teaching me the running man. We memorized the lyrics to Mr Wendel and Ice Ice Baby. I always admired him because he was a natural leader. He seemed to do no wrong. Not because he was afraid of punishment or because of ignorance - he just made good choices because he knew the value in it - it's like he was a step ahead of everyone else.

I was Matt's little sidekick, always trying to keep up with him - following him everywhere. He was mischievous and would coax me into all sorts of things, like crawling under the house with him, catching wild cats, climbing onto the roof, and then of course, jumping off the roof. Matt did take care of me though and he always included me. He was never mean or hurtful, but he also knew just how to push everyone's buttons.

Happy Birthday's Brothers!




ISBAM said...

I love the pic!

the wife said...

roo is you!

Amy said...

how funny is it that you had all those brothers and now you have all girls for daughters!
what an interesting, full and blessed life you have!

the crew said...

roo truly is you!!

great picture.

Kent said...

Great pic, let's turn it into a video. P.S. I have the same wagon, in fact yesterday I repainted the interior. KG

tt moreno said...

wow, i have 4 sisters. no brothers. but we all knew mr wendel too!
thanks its been a while since ive heard this song!!!!!!!!

Jord said...

Oh, Gigi is you! I love it. That is awesome to have a little mini me.

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