thank goodness it's friday


after these last few weeks i wish there were two of me.

one to get the house unpacked, children fed, floors scrubbed, and diapers changed.

the other would just sit in the sun, play with her chickies (the girls), drink lemonade, and listen to pandora.

i am doing my best although my head is spinning.

this week i have:

- served up rotten milk (this fridge has got to go!)
- not worn make-up
- done poorly on the easiest test so far in nursing school
- had my big girls sleeping on the floor for 5 nights
- not made a decent meal
- rough hands and calloused heels
- negotiated with our land-lady to purchase Lib.
- unpacked like 467 boxes
- slept well
- cooped the chicks and rebuilt my garden

someone please just remind me to breathe...


Timbra said...

Nice, deep breaths.

Sounds like you certainly deserve a little time in the sun with your girls.

sheena said...


I think that "crazy jumping wife" is my favorite label ever.

Sally said...

Take slow easy breaths. In....out...in...out.

Maybe you should come do yoga with me on Tuesday night at the community center!

zantasticsmiths said...

Looks like your move went well and I am so glad to hear that your chickens and garden are back where they belong. :] Get some rest and breath.


Jord said...

I love that picture and totally agree that it would be awesome to have a double. You are getting more done than I ever would, for sure!

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