we are nomads


i can't believe we are doing this again.

contract is up. landlord sold this crappy old house

...this house that i have grown to love in the past year.

yes. we have to move. it makes me nauseous. our ninth one in seven years. yes, we are pros!


at least we scored a lot of boxes over the last week.
and we found a new house that will suit us well.

i'm most upset about my garden - that is growing so bountifully. sigh. i've worked hard on it.

i'll try to transplant what i can - sadly the beets and carrots will have to stay put. maybe the new owner will enjoy them or maybe they will just shrivel up and die.

i will miss the french doors.
the fireplace.
the pool.
the cul-de-sac with the good neighborhood kids.
target and costco in walking distance.

and i'm looking forward to more space.
an orange tree.
using, instead of storing, our dining room table.
and the huge random statue of aphrodite fixed in the new entryway.

block I in nursing school (a year ago): we move.
block II: we have a baby.
block III: we move again.
block IV: __?___ <--- insert something stressful here.


The Brown Family said...

oh wow! So sorry about the change!! Maybe it's a blessing in disguise...you never know. You are awesome at what you do and I'm sure you'll make your new place just as homey as the others!

ISBAM said...

I think block IV is enough stress. I have nothing to add. Hope you love your new place, though! So sad about the garden - I would find it hard to leave, too.

the crew said...

yeah, i feel for you there. i hate moving- and we've done it plenty as well.

nice you found a good place to move to- perhaps we'll make it out to see you in it before you move again!

Rachelle said...


so sorry.

i hate moving too.

Sarah Peterson said...

April Fools!? Right? I hope so for your own sake!!

Shelly Hyde said...

we have been movers and shakers too... but dang! thats a lot of moving.

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

wow - you should definitely give a how-to of the moving basics. :) I, for one, am getting ready for our first move with (3) kids. Last move was 6 years ago, no kids. Big changes. Best to you!

nicwoo said...

uh.. okay, since you asked. How about Relief Society President? No? Well, you asked~
(I hope I did you a favor and jinxed it!) ;)

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