lou and lib

lou. march 2009.


i know it's been a long time. i'm sorry.

i have been busy with lou (our old house) and lib (the new one).

old lou is getting all packed up. her closets are empty and there are boxes stacked to her ceilings. we are living off the necessities here, in her bare walls and beneath her popcorn ceilings where it's pb&j for lunch and dinner almost everyday. i'm going to miss the quaint ol' gal. the huge yard, the diving pool, my garden, and the neighborhood kids that are so good to my girls.

lib is another story. she was born in the late 90's with her high ceilings and open floorplan. she was built with the hopes to drop some jaws, but unfortunately hasn't been taken care of. she has had one too many quick fixes with less than steady hands. not only that, she has also had a cat...or two...or twenty living there taking reign on the carpets. we see the potential, but it's going to take some time to get rid of the weeds, paint some walls, and patch some holes.

needless to say, i've missed the dirt. i've missed those lazy spring days of tending my garden and splashing in the kiddie pool with my girls. i've missed firing up the grill and perfecting my new love of baking bread in the kitchen.

i know that soon i'll be back to doing it all again.

back to all i love.

back to being me.

but for now...

moving sure sucks.


The Wifey said...

It seriously does. I feel ya.

Jord said...

I'm so sorry! You've had to do it one too many times.

sheena said...

I seriously want to cry for you. I am so sorry for the move. But I KNOW you will make lib a killer new house, cat carpet and all.

and while you do, I will shed a few tears for that fireplace I will miss so much.

sheena said...

ps. what about the chickens??

nicwoo said...

Awh. So sorry. You should smuggle the sunflowers. CAN'T wait to see what you do with Lib.

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