finally friday!


friday means no class.
friday means no preschool.
friday means no swimming lessons.


on friday we get to do whatever we want.


this friday it was cutting, and pasting, and making up stories.

it was eating french toast, visiting friends, chalking the driveway, and thrifting.


and finally it was stopping off for chocolate milkshakes to hold us all over until dinner.

just what us girls needed in the midst of all our chaos.

thank you friday.


The Wifey said...

I'm trying to read the story on Mae's paper. It's quite funny.

Ash said...

I love milkshakes! If only I lived with you guys and I could join you for these kind of awesome days all the time. I hate missing out.

nicwoo said...

That is pure sweetness, like I love. :)

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