thank goodness it's friday


after these last few weeks i wish there were two of me.

one to get the house unpacked, children fed, floors scrubbed, and diapers changed.

the other would just sit in the sun, play with her chickies (the girls), drink lemonade, and listen to pandora.

i am doing my best although my head is spinning.

this week i have:

- served up rotten milk (this fridge has got to go!)
- not worn make-up
- done poorly on the easiest test so far in nursing school
- had my big girls sleeping on the floor for 5 nights
- not made a decent meal
- rough hands and calloused heels
- negotiated with our land-lady to purchase Lib.
- unpacked like 467 boxes
- slept well
- cooped the chicks and rebuilt my garden

someone please just remind me to breathe...


we made it.


the move was smooth.

we had a lot of great help.

but now i have to unpack and i hate it.

Easy Moves from K on Vimeo.

*special thanks to Easy's dad for the media



My Roo is six months.

Half a year. Six!


And she wasn't too excited about getting her picture taken this morning.


Nope. Not even a little.


But then she found her toes.


And was stoked out of her mind on them.


Camera? Where? Just give me more toes!!!


I made the mistake of removing them from her mouth.


Big mistake.

Photobucket Photobucket

Nothing mommy can't fix though.

I love this girl.

She is a gift.


moving earth

it's earth day.

and here i am (or was yesterday).
with painted chicken legs
and cut off jeans. -awesome


so, what am i doing?


i'm moving earth.
well, moving my garden.
trying to at least.

Photobucket Photobucket

the trouble is
is that it is huge.


see what i mean?


and it all can't come with me.
some (like the beets and carrots) will have to be harvested.
and others (the sunflowers) will be left behind.


and the rest...
we will just hope they survive the shock.

Photobucket Photobucket

at least it makes for some great digging
and chucking worms at the chickens (who are also coming with us).


even if they are already stuffed with slugs and lettuce there is always room for a few worms.

happy earth day!


lou and lib

lou. march 2009.


i know it's been a long time. i'm sorry.

i have been busy with lou (our old house) and lib (the new one).

old lou is getting all packed up. her closets are empty and there are boxes stacked to her ceilings. we are living off the necessities here, in her bare walls and beneath her popcorn ceilings where it's pb&j for lunch and dinner almost everyday. i'm going to miss the quaint ol' gal. the huge yard, the diving pool, my garden, and the neighborhood kids that are so good to my girls.

lib is another story. she was born in the late 90's with her high ceilings and open floorplan. she was built with the hopes to drop some jaws, but unfortunately hasn't been taken care of. she has had one too many quick fixes with less than steady hands. not only that, she has also had a cat...or two...or twenty living there taking reign on the carpets. we see the potential, but it's going to take some time to get rid of the weeds, paint some walls, and patch some holes.

needless to say, i've missed the dirt. i've missed those lazy spring days of tending my garden and splashing in the kiddie pool with my girls. i've missed firing up the grill and perfecting my new love of baking bread in the kitchen.

i know that soon i'll be back to doing it all again.

back to all i love.

back to being me.

but for now...

moving sure sucks.


waiting for him


Easy has been riding his bike to work this week.
It's some sort of contest in the office as I understand it.
Mostly for bragging rights.


Tonight the girls and I decided to wait on the curb for him.


MaeMae told some potty jokes, Blondes wore mismatched socks, and Roo tried her best to keep her huge cheeks off her chest.


Before we knew it our man was upon us.


So we packed it in.
And called it a night.

The End.


finally friday!


friday means no class.
friday means no preschool.
friday means no swimming lessons.


on friday we get to do whatever we want.


this friday it was cutting, and pasting, and making up stories.

it was eating french toast, visiting friends, chalking the driveway, and thrifting.


and finally it was stopping off for chocolate milkshakes to hold us all over until dinner.

just what us girls needed in the midst of all our chaos.

thank you friday.




i should be studying.

and not cutting my hair.

speaking of hair -

i've been thinking about going red.

but don't want to look like her. yowza!

kathy Griffin Pictures, Images and Photos


should have thought of that before i went nuts on my bangs.


heading it up

See my new header up there?

I love it. Especially the bunny.

It's so...


Thank you Steph!


we are nomads


i can't believe we are doing this again.

contract is up. landlord sold this crappy old house

...this house that i have grown to love in the past year.

yes. we have to move. it makes me nauseous. our ninth one in seven years. yes, we are pros!


at least we scored a lot of boxes over the last week.
and we found a new house that will suit us well.

i'm most upset about my garden - that is growing so bountifully. sigh. i've worked hard on it.

i'll try to transplant what i can - sadly the beets and carrots will have to stay put. maybe the new owner will enjoy them or maybe they will just shrivel up and die.

i will miss the french doors.
the fireplace.
the pool.
the cul-de-sac with the good neighborhood kids.
target and costco in walking distance.

and i'm looking forward to more space.
an orange tree.
using, instead of storing, our dining room table.
and the huge random statue of aphrodite fixed in the new entryway.

block I in nursing school (a year ago): we move.
block II: we have a baby.
block III: we move again.
block IV: __?___ <--- insert something stressful here.

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