i have skills

what a difference a block makes.

thank you block III! i'm reminded now of why i wanted to be a nurse. block II was brutal. was it ever!

still though, going in for clinical first thing is always amazingly awkward. we meet as a group for pre-conference and then disperse to our selected units we are assigned to. the past few weeks we have been on cardiac units which are not at all intimidating. we ask for the charge nurse and then there is an awkward silence as we stand waiting for someone to accept/step up. who's the lucky one to get the students today??? who is nice enough or brutal enough to take one??? some gladly accept. some begrudgingly. then we take notes through report and awkwardly tell the preceptor what skills we are capable/incapable of doing. most are kind and explain things. most remember that they were a student once too.

but there are some...some that will make your day hell.

it sounds like i'm exaggerating, but i'm not. it can be very big fish, little fish.

finally though! i feel like i'm not a burden. finally we are confident enough and skilled enough to lighten the load. finally, i'm feeling like i can do this. it's all coming together. i love it.

we have finished up all of our med-surg lectures and are moving onto pediatrics next week. i'm so excited!

30 Easy Days

Day 5: Manly Mags

Day 6: Fairlytale Brownies delivered to work


the crew said...

that is so awesome! i am really excited for you and all you get to learn and do in school and as a nurse.

oh and those brownies look incredible!

April said...

Brownies from Fairytale?
You DO love your husband!

sheena said...

I really cannot believe you are almost done!! You are awesome.

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