warm pockets


Easy got a fancy new phone a few months ago.

It came with a mail in rebate.

Easy procrastinates.

He knew he would never turn it in.

Easy asks Hays to turn it in.

He says she can have the money.

Hays turns it in.

She waits.

Hays now has $100.

Her pockets are on fire!


{Erica} said...

SCORE!! so what are you going to do with that $$$?

banananutmeg said...

NICE!!! Book yourself a night at a B&B w/ E for 2 or 3 months from now. Then, you can look forward to it for weeks!

the wife said...

h&m or forver 21...i wanna come.

Ash said...

Sweet!!! Procrastinating must be a Gardiner trait. I don't think we got it from our dad but I'm pretty sure every kid has that problem.

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