the spring break bake


i guess today is st. patty's day.
i'm not wearing a spot of green.
i've been so excited that it's spring break i forgot that anything else existed this week.
no matter, i don't think i have a spot o' irish in me anyway.

by chance though, mae is wearing a little green on the new sweet dress i made her - yes, i'm going sewing mad.
hobby lobby has killer fabric.
i'm not sure what i sent blondes to preschool in.
she may be pinched.
poor girl - totally out of the loop.

i've also been going baking mad!

this is good because i missed about 3 days of the Easy project and was able to make up for it by baking fresh cookies and making homemade pizza (his favorites) yesterday.
i also baked my first 2 successful loaves of bread on monday - that were gone by the next morning. believe me i want more, but am scared to try again and have them turn out like bricks.

yes, i have thoroughly been enjoying my break, but we have our first Peds test when we get back to class next weds.
it has me stressed out of my mind.
it's like i can't enjoy my time off without feeling totally guilty for not studying.

yeah. i should go study.

hmmm...maybe after i make more bread.

30 Easy Days

Day 19: New T-Shirts

Day 20: Chocolate Chip Cookies (totally for him ;)

Day 21: Homemade pizza


the wife said...

receipe for pizza please.
zoo on friday?

hays said...

click the hyperlinks :)

Shelly Hyde said...

hays... you're a good wife. and a nifty little seamstress.

Amanda Mock said...

That pizza looks amazing! Love the dress too. Way cute! Hope you are enjoying your spring break.

Cereal In My Stiletto said...

oh that dress! So cute.

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