the oldest tells me that she is sooooo bored.

play outside? no. with her dollhouse? no. with her sister? color a picture? clean her room? babies? zuzu pets? no. no. no.

she wants a friend. sissy won't do.

i tell her she can't have a friend and then she tells me that she wants me to play with her. but i have too much going on. a test to study for, a room to clean (yes my room is always trashed), and dishes to do. plus i just hate playing princesses.

but she is soooooo bored. and moping at my feet. tears welling up in those perfect green eyes.

silly me though. what is this??? i realize that we are sitting in the middle of a castle. and the princess is coming. soon! she will want to dance with her prince and have a feast and sleep in a freshly made big, beautiful princess bed.

the girl lights up.

i tell her to hurry.

the princess is coming! we have to clean this place up!

clothes into the hamper and hung in the closet. sheets and pillows are straightened. everything gets dusted and magically put into place for the big arrival.

she dresses. she dances. she eats. she sleeps. there is even a showdown between the handsome prince and an evil witch (that has nice hair).

and my room is clean.

Ha ha ha!


30 Easy Days

Day 7: Letters From His Ladies

1 comment:

sheena said...

oooh.....that is a good trick.

I like good tricks, especially when they involve my children.

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