he did it

he turned 30.

we had balloons, and a banner, and a party.


i made a big fat cake and the girls helped with birthday hats.

his dad was here too.

he opened presents and was given a number of hugs and kisses from the adoring ladies in his life.


p.s. i'm so glad 30 Easy Days is over :)


Karen and Joe said...

Happy birthday eric!! Sorry we missed the party, didn't get the invite til to late! :( glad you had a great one!!Hayley you are so amazing with all you do!

the crew said...

happy birthday eric! hope it was great!

KC said...

I wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday Eric.

the wife said...

awesome family picture!!

happy birthday eric!

sheena said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

I cannot believe you made it through 30 days! I barely made it through "robby week"

you are awesome!!

Ash said...

Love all the facial expressions in the birthday pic!

nicwoo said...

Fun! Happy Bday! -only ten more years 'til FoURty days of easy. !!!

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